Hopeful thoughts for an amazing teacher

Imagine receiving the news that your favourite teacher and role model has cancer, Imagine hearing that she could pass at any moment. I don’t want Mme. Pinder to go and I’ll stay hopeful until the end.

Last night my best friend Katia called me on skype and told me that Mme. Pinder had only days to live. I wrote Mme this poem not in her memory, but instead as a memory of her. A group of memories to keep every one hopeful…

Water colour paintings…

A Blank,



On a Clear,



A Blue brush

and a palet of vibrent colours.

Drips of water fall

on the page

And dots of colour

will soon

take shape into

A beautiful


A moment that will never be forgotten…

Once or twice a week

I come and clean your office,

But I know that when I come back,

It will once again

be a mess.

You allways


because after its done you

can’t find any thing,

You prefere the mess

But I still came back again and again

to tiddy

and clean…

I used to fret

about another difficult math class

full of long division

and multiplication,

But with you it came with ease.

You made learning


Peanut butter,

Chedar cheese

And wasa crackers

Is what you love to eat

but I think it’s




And now I’m gone

On an amazing journey,

To the other side

of the earth

and I only wish to be

at home thinking

Of you.

We laughted together

and we cryed together

And in the end

All i want to say is

Je T’aime Mme.

❤ Jaedyn


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Mont. Blanc, The Beginning…

We are leaving on a trip to the Mont. Blanc with Guy and Camille.

Switzerland has proven so beautiful, but we want to see more of Europe, so we are taking a day trip in the French Alps.

The Drive starts with Luc driving on the highway, but eventually we have to exit the high way and scale the mountain. Mama has decided she wants to drive, but on the swirving road it proves difficult, especially when a slow driver shows up in front of us and she has to pass…uh oh.Put the car in sport and step on it! runhhhhh, the engine is whining like crazy, but she makes it. We applaud and at the next turn he pulls over for the guy behind us. uhhhhhhhh…

When we arrived it was soooooooooooooo busy! We bought tickets for the little train that goes up the mountain and left. The train ride was very pretty, up, up,up, up, up… when we got to the top we got off the train and looked around a little, the glacier looked really small but Luc told me that most off it was covered in rock, when I looked closer I noticed that when part of the glacier melted/moved the rocks fell. We took the gondola down then down 400 steps, on the rock thy had markers of how much the glacier melted over the years, it was sad and shocking. Down at the bottom we had the most unique experience ever, we got to walk inside the glacier, it was lit bit colorful strobe lights in the ice.

The ice tunnels Where cold, and the ice water was dripping on my bare arms, legs and back. There was a giant st. bernard dog to take pictures with but it was super expensive so we took a pass. 😦 Amazing ice carvings where littering the caves. It is such an amazing place.

We had a small lunch on the mountain at 2:00. That is much to late for Mama and I so we where really hungry, we got sausages and fries in a bun, a little different then I’m used to. We took the train back and then drove home stopping at a place that seemed to be invisible to buy apricots then for dinner at an Italian place, mmmmmm… but every thing is super expensive here when we are talking about eating out. Back home to our house exchange and to bed.

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The End

Day 18 : Missing moose.

Riviere du loup to Fredricton

In the morning my parents came to get me in my room, I slept really well that night, we got up and got dressed, then went for breakfast. Glorious breakfast. My parents had an indescribeble egg thingie migigie. It was a peice of toast with an egg and stuff on it, I’m at a lose for words… and I got french toast with berries and all that stuff ! any ways it was really yummy. I think that yummy is the word of the rip don’t you, I gues that meens we are having some good food eh !

We left this beautiful place for the road again, it was a little sad to be gone but the thoughts of a new place to see are very intriging. We went off to the roads, there are lots of nice views on the road now.

It’s time to speed my blogs up and only tell you the important stuff J. When we arrived in Fredricton we called John, a family friend who we plan on staying with so he could meet us and take us to his camp/ fishing resort. John told us to meet him at the Sobeys in 15 mins. Well the GPS told us where to go and we went there, 15 mins come and went, no John. Finally he called and asked us where we where, we told him the name of the mall we where at, turns out the GPS doesn’t tottaly know what he’s talking about, we where at the wrong Sobeys. John found us after a while. The good thing about getting lost in Fredricton is lil sis got to strech out a little in the grass while we waited.

What a journey, to truthfully tell you, John drives kinda fast and i twas a little tricky to follow him. But what a place, most of the drive was in a picturesque forest, we are hopefull about seing a moose, but no moose shows L.

We arrive at Johns camp and are greeted bye lobsters !!!! yummmmmmmm ! the view is really pretty of the river by Johns house, that’s what we call it because we can never remeber what it’s called, all I know is it starts with and M. Mmmmmm, any takers ?

We feasted on lobster, John, Silvie, Mama, Luc, lil sis and I. then we talked a lot and went to bed, BIG plans for tommorow, we hope to go to Mckloskies, the swaying bridge, the other camp…

Day 19 : Fredricton, Sight seeing

We woke up and had breakfast. And set off for a big day of getting around. First thing first, we had to see the much beloved Mckloskies, Johns fav store and a place to get every thing. It was much smaller then I expected, though supprisingly stocked up, It was a mix of a grocery store, liquor store, fishing supplies and about 50 other things J.

Next we went to the swaying bridge, a draw bridge over the river that is often good for spotting moose and bears. It really was kinda scary, it swayed a lot (Ex. swaying bridge) and reminded we of the capilano suspension bridge in Vancouver.

Then to John’s other camp. When we got there it was a Small cottege in the woods. We went in and took advantage of the wifi to make sure every thing was in line for the rest of the trip. Then we went up (steep) stairs to see the bed rooms, i twas very nice and seemed like the perfect vacay home !  Plus a littleviste waith Silvie’s Brother and his wife and and a invite for them to dinner and we where off.

When we got home Mama, Luc, lil sis and I went for a swim in the river, it was really nice and very shallow, but there where horse fly that liked me and I didn’t like them. We had a splash off and then out to chat and dry off.

Silvie’s Brother and his wife came over for dinner and we had ham, been, potato salad all topped with gallons of mollasses (blech, apparently it’s a new Brunswick specialty).

Off to bed, almost finished my book and tommorow we are checking into a chapters to find the sequel !

Day 20, 21, 22 : PEI

Leaving Fredricton, so far still no moose and such.

Today, we are crossing the CONFEDERATION BRIDGE into PEI the foundation of Canada.

PEI is supposed to be like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty ! hate to offend any one who’s tottaly PEI woot, woot, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. While in PEI we visited Avonlea, the cool but expensive attraction bassed on the book originating from PEI “Anne of green gables”. It was cool, in a nut shell it was a recreation of the book. But I could also tell you that it was a small town with music playing people dressed differently, a dress up station, restaurant, barn with real animals, etc…

That night, there was a huge storm with tons of rain and even more wind. So our tent ripped and we had to get a new one, there was so much wind.

We took the ferry off PEI


A trip on the ferry…

Today we are traveling on the Big ferry to NFL. We faced some more stormy nights before we got here, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

The ferry was super cool and very High tech. Our cabin was Small but had lots of stuff in it. A shower, toilette. Sink, 2 bunk beds and a TV.

When we got on the ferry we gathered ouur things and set of, the first floor our elovator stopped at was full of LED lights. I was having some weird thoughts about this. We went to our cabin and stationed our selfs. Then we went to explore the boat.

I had an amazing sleep and so did every one, but when I woke up I felt sick cause of the wind pushing the water and roking the boat, the fog was crazy.

We got off and had a little breakfast at a Small restaurant, eggs, bacon and toast. Mmmmmmm.



We stopped at a place to rent a cabin then set off to explore, we went to a Small inlet/Harbour/villiage cause we herd it was very pretty. We found a bench and sat down to have a sandwich. The view was amazing. My mom got some really nice pictures.

While in new found land we also went on a beautiful hike in coyotie/bear/moose land. The ocean is such an amazing thing.

I was super excited to see my grandma, MaMu and my greataunt, aunty Terry. The next day we checked into a hôtel in St, Johns NFL and picked them up from the airoport.

We have plans to see St. Johns today but the weather sucks, more rain and fog so we don’t last long.

We saw George street, and the rooms museam, the funny looking houses and all that newfie stuff.

Saying goodbye to MaMu was really hard but I can’t help thinking of the adventures to come…


Plan rides…

We are leaving today, MaMu and Aunty Terry followed the shuttle bus to air port to say final good byes, the next time I’ll see her is october. We have to wait a while in NFL and our plane is 3 hours late. L

We board the plane and take our seets, this is just the Small ride but it still makes me board.

We get off in Montreal. Had dinner to pass time. Then waited, Luc and I went dutie free shopping, I got a big bag of Resses peices PB cups and thy got some drinks.

We got on the second plane and watched a movie, then went to sleep, it kinda sucked, but what did I expect ?

In Switzerland, we got lost in the air port then found again, we got our luggage. And greeted, Guy, he was so excited to see his little grand daughter in person for the first time !

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Day 17 : Tourist + The Car = today

Montreal to Riviere du loup,

We got up, had breakfast, packed up (a little dificult because of the steep stairs in front of the entrance), and left. We drove around an hour then we where in Quebec city, we planned to spend some time in Quebec city  then leave for the next town i order to make room for an extra day in Fredricton. In Quebec city we started with going up the Funiculair, thats an elevator to go up the side of the mountain into old Quebec. I payed the 2$ entrance fee (my parents owe me 6 bucks now) and we went up, up, up… it provided a nice view of Quebec and the river st. Lawrence. When we got to the top we saw the castle, we soon discovered that we have a « luck » with concerts+towns, that night Metalica was playing in Quebec city, there where a lot of heavy metal fans. We heard the sound check on top of the hill, when we where up there I also got a frappecinno from starbucks where a laddy bugged in front of me, I hate that ! but the frappecino was yummy ! it helped to deel with the HEAT, I mean crazy hot ! we stopped for lunch at the bar les trois brasseurs. Mama had some MORE poutine, she’s dead set on having poutine. Luc had a traditional French Meal and I had a burger. It was realy good, Luc said it was almost the exact same menu as in Europe. Quebec was full of European architecture, and old buildings, Mama mentioned that the buildings would have been more impressive if she hadn’t been to Europe so many times.

Back on the road we went, eventually we started seeing glimpses of the riviere st Lawrens, it was really beautiful, before we knew it we where in a quaint little town called Riviere du Loup. We started hunting down a place to stay, the first place we found was the Beluga Inn, either it didn’t exist or the GPS cordinates where wrong, but it wasn’t there, we found a BNB but it was all full, she pointed us in the direction of her friends BNB just up the road that still had room, it was realy beautiful in this town and we didn’t mind driving thru it a little more. When we arrived at the new BNB it was up on a hill, a nice building, Luc ran in to see what it was like and check out the prices, it was 115$ for a night wich was pretty good considering the welcome cocktails/orange juice, breakfast and two rooms, the only down fault was that I had to sleep down stairs away from my family. We decided that I could do it, take one for the teem, it really wasn’t so bad, I had my own room and all I had to do in it was sleep, the rest of the time I could hang out in my parents room.

We got some directions to more poutine, then my mo recived the heart renching news that we missed a place in Montreal with 60 flavors of poutine, it was even on tv! We went to a place called taxi, and had dinner, then went back and watched the sun setting with our welcome cocktails/orange juice.

This was my favorite place we stayed so far!

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Day 16 : a new place…

Montreal sight seeing

The next morning when I woke up I was tired because i was cold the entire night L. I had a shower because showers always give me more energy, then we had breakfast.

We left to go see the town. First we walked along rue st. Cathrine the main road we where staying on, Luc got some shorts and I got an I ❤ Montreal t-shirt (Oui j’<3 Montreal was what it said on it). Then we walked thru old Montreal, we cote the Metro to the Biodome (next to the olympic staydium it was the bycicle staydium in the summer olympics), the metro was super cool, so far the high light of my trip (i’m just saying that), we scanned our tickets and went thru the turn tables, the went down the stairs (limeted well chair/stroller accesibility suprised me especially because there was an access thru the turn tables for weel chair/ stroller) it’s all dark and old fashion looking down there about tem seconds after we showed up the metro arived we hoped on and let mama take the seet, lil sis seemed to like it to. It goes super fast, the stations are only 30 seconds apart or so when by foot it would take at least 20 minutes.

We got off the metro at our stop and headed out, we thought it was hot and sunny until w got into the bio dome, when we got in we bought our tickets and the first climate we walked into was the tropical rain forest (the bio dome has 4 different climates inside of it and it’s a cool way to explore all of the different parts of the world,) so the tropical rain forest was excrutiatingly hot and super humide (if you live in victoria there’s a chance you’ve been to butterfly gardens, well imagine that but 3 times as long and with all sorts of exotic animals.) in the tropical rain forest theres butterflies, crocodiles, bats, tones of wierd birds (on of wich was walking along the side walk and he had a body guard walking next to him,) frogs, turtles, fish and so many more. Then we went to the nomal type forest, there were lynxes, porcipines, beavers, more birds, fish and so much more… after that we went into the ocean, there where all sorts of fish, cod, halibut, sting wrays, sharks, crill, eels, and then these birds that dove under the water, seagulls, and a gient bird sitting in a tree, there was see weed… then we went into the Arctic, there where puffing, one puffin was sitting in the water and flaping his wings and he thought he was flying, there where these fat fat birds that thought they where so and they sat in front of the spot where the water pumped in and swam there until an other guy comes and up-stages him… there were pinguins too. No polare bears wich was a little disapointing. We went to the gift shop and I got an infinati scarf, I have a very large collection of scafrs to accesorise with but had no infiniti scarfs until now.

We had a cookie out side and then went back to the metro to go home. That night we had planned to use up our pancake mix for breakfast for dinner. Mama preped all the mix and started cooking them up when she got some on her finger, when she licked it off it didn’t taste good any more, we all tasted some and desided that it wasen’t good. Insted of pancakes we had kraft dinner and salad and fruit salad.

That night, I was a lot warmer, ahhhhh…

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Day 15 : Our first AIRBNB

Ottawa to Montreal,

Geez on other day of driving in store for us, we helped our selves to there toaster (Allison and Dave had already left for work) and had toast, obiviously.

I have to reflect apon the fact that we drive a lot and you must be getting a little bord but trust me don’t un-follow me now, it’s just getting good, promise.

For me drives are getting shorter and shorter as we go along because I’m getting used to beeing on the road. I don’t know if they realy are but that’s what it feels like, before a 4 hour drive felt like forever but now that’s much less daunting as a 6 hour drive expanded to 8 after stopping for breaks and food.

So today we drove again and I’m deffinatly getting used to the idea of having no perticular home or spesifique place to stay at all until we get there, but tonight we did, we where staying in an AIRBNB, that’s a website wear you can broadcast your apartement or house for rent. So the apartement wear we are staying in was right in the middle of down town Montreal. The place was nice, there was a small kitchen that was a little under supplied. There was two bed rooms, my parents room was nice and had a laundry room off of it and my room was all pink! It was all ikea, and the bed had pink circles on it.

We hung out for a while and then left for lunch at a place that our hoste said had good poutine, then went home, Mama and I stayed in the suite while Luc went out and explored the street to get groceries, unfortunatly he took a very long time, we thought he was just going to get groceries but he waled around, looked into stores then finnaly got groceries, he got back and we where all tired so we watched some tv then we had dinner.

After dinner we went on a walk up the Mont. Royal. That’s a big moutain that sticks up in the midle of down town Montreal. The people who live in Montreal take pride in this mountain and it’s clean and prestine with paved trail and a huge view point and gallery at the top. We went up the wrong way and got stuck in the middle of the forest with roots and stairs and we had the stroller so it didn’t help our acent to the top. But soon we got to the paved road, it was much nicer there, there where sculpters and a resaurant wear some one was having a wedding. It was hot and hard, but we eventually made it to the top, there was a guy who was playing guitar to make some cash. The view wasn’t as nice as anticipated, it was just a bunch of sky scrapers and I don’t think that it’s a very top noch view, I prefer more back to nature kind of stuff.

I was suprised to find the shokingly cold temperature, I discovered that I had a quilt cover on but it was empty! I went on to have a very cold night, in the morning we searched my cupboards and found the quilt but I was very dissapointed that I had a cold night because the person making my bed was lazy.

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Day 14 : Patriotisme for our country- welcome to the capital

Ottawa, Sight seeing,

We ate cereal and toast and went to the under ground parking to get the stroller. Then we left to go see Ottawa, the capital of Canada. First we went to the parliment and on the way we got passed by the changing of the guard wich is like a uniformed people with furry hats on marching and playing drums, piccolo, trumpet, ect.

We went to the tent to get free tickets to tour the central parliment buildings. The next one wasen’t until 12 :00 so we decided to get the last one the 7 :00pm so we could have dinner first then go to the show then Mosaica a light show on the side of the arliment buildings at 10 :30 pm.

We went to the tourist info booth to get info and a map of the town.

We left and went back to the locks wich are gate ways to get a boat up an down the cannals and into the st. Lawrence river. We walked down the stairs and had a closer look at 2 bots going up the locks. We hear some historie about them and then left to a trail. The trail led back to the area of the parlement buildings then we walked to the best view in town, personally I didn’t think it was that amazing. So we left and there was a huge freak wind and rain storm so we rushed to the royal canadian mint museam. That was realy cool, they only make specialty coins, some of them cost over 1 thousand dollars ! We went on a tour of the factory, did you know that they have aa 1million dollar coin and it is leagal tendar wich means you could buy a house with that coin if you wanted ! And the more expensive coins are cut with lasers, no one is alloud to touch the coins besides the consumer in fear that it could get damaged, but if you find a damaged coin then you are realy lucky because it can be worth 10 times its ticket price because it’s unique !

After that we went home and did some more emailing.


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